"I’m very proud of our collaboration – it was inspirational in many ways. This was a true partnership where both organizations benefited as the total sum was greater than the individual parts..."
Robert Molander, formerly with Pharmacia
Marketing Strategy and Planning

Whether you are dealing with the development of new mission programs or fund-raising activities, refreshing or reinventing an existing program, or the basics of an overall marketing plan to support your strategic directions, Currence & Associates has consultation support services that will help you:

  • Create essential marketing goals and objectives for any program or fund-raising effort
  • Identify your key constituencies and their needs as they relate to your offerings
  • Recommend program or activity modifications to meet the needs of those you serve and your donors including the identification of operational or political challenges to delivery
  • Define how to integrate new product or service offerings into new or existing brand strategies
  • Recommend key messages and tonality for the best communication with program users, donors and other stakeholders
  • Recommend priority channels for message and program or fund-raising activity delivery
  • Analyze and recommend pricing strategy (the price may be time, money or influcene!)
  • Develop key measures of success for present and future growth
  • Recommend strategies for internal marketing to gain the support of other departments, regions, Board of Directors, volunteers, or other stakeholders.

Brand Strategy


Market Research


SMART Corporate Alliances