"I’m very proud of our collaboration – it was inspirational in many ways. This was a true partnership where both organizations benefited as the total sum was greater than the individual parts..."
Robert Molander, formerly with Pharmacia
SMART Corporate Hearts Assessment Tool

Through the “SMART” assessment tool, we can identify areas of opportunity that will reduce costs and risk while increasing the return from strategic marketing relationships. Typically, the assessment identifies opportunities in the following areas:

  • Brand strategy alignment with potential prospects
  • Criteria for identifying strategic alliances
  • Outcome measures for existing or prospective alliances
  • Compliance with legal requirements for alliances
  • Compliance with financial guidelines for charitable status
  • Readiness of promotional and distribution channel support for alliances
  • Competitive positioning for selection as a preferred strategic ally
  • Sales team readiness for winning strategic alliances
  • Leadership preparedness for the potential consequences of alliances

Marketing Strategy and Planning


Brand Strategy


Market Research