"I’m very proud of our collaboration – it was inspirational in many ways. This was a true partnership where both organizations benefited as the total sum was greater than the individual parts..."
Robert Molander, formerly with Pharmacia

Building relationships that create powerful results


Atlanta Falcons“Cynthia was instrumental for us in this (research) process; first by driving us to step back and identify our key objectives, and secondly by using this information to craft rich moderation guides that assisted in getting our fans to deliver more detailed and useable feedback than we could have imagined.  She has been a true asset to our work and has helped us to envision this research process holistically, which we know going forward will be our biggest reward.” 
Jim Smith, VP Marketing, Falcons


Arthritis Foundation“Cynthia is a tremendously creative marketing strategist with deep experience in the nonprofit sector.  She also understands the value of internal marketing and can help facilitate  consensus of ideas.  Finally, she is a good listener and provides excellent advice. 
Barbara LeNoble, CMO Arthritis Foundation


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